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About Us

Nestled in 3619 A. Jean-Noël-Lavoie, Laval, Mobla Canada is your trusted destination for quality furniture. We understand the essence of home – the comfort, the style, the memories – and our mission is to enhance it. Bringing together unique furniture pieces from the finest global craftsmen, we pride ourselves on offering affordability without compromising quality. Whether you’re furnishing a new space as a newlywed or refreshing a home of cherished memories, our curated range caters to every corner of your abode, from the bedroom to the living room. But our dedication doesn’t stop at providing exceptional furnishings; we stand out in our commitment to customer-centric service. Understanding the anticipation that comes with a new piece, we ensure timely deliveries at your convenience, breaking the norm of long waits. Because at Mobla Canada, we believe in honoring not just your space but also your time.

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